Spiderman Slot Machine Review

spiderman-slotWMS Gaming like to give their very latest slot machines all manner of additional features, and the ones you will find attached to their most recent slot machine release that being the Spiderman slot are not just reserved for the slot machine but the actual chair you will be sitting on to play this slot has been given many unique features, yes the chair.

When you sit yourself down and get stuck into playing the Spiderman slot you will find the chair actually moves and has built in speakers which will totally revolutionize the way you look at playing slot machines, and we can virtually guarantee that once you do sit down to play this slot you will not want to get up for quite a while.

Have a good look through this review of the Spiderman slot which is slowly being rolled out in a lot of US based land based casinos, for when everything is added together from the stakes levels, base game features and bonus game rounds you will find it is one of the best slots out there and of course comes with a Spiderman type of theme.

Where to play the Spiderman Slot

As there are only a handful of land based casinos that have only just installed the WMS Gaming Spiderman slot game onto their casino floors you are not going to be able to play this game at online casinos! However there are a couple of casino sites which have plenty of slot machines which are quite similar to this slot in their design.

For US online slot machine players who are looking for a simply enormous and varied selection of different types of slot machines to get stuck into playing online then get on over to the Casino Titan site for not only will you find a huge suite of different types of slot machines on offer you will also find some mega sized US Dollar slot bonuses up for grabs which should completely enhance your online slot playing sessions.


You will find that the way this Spiderman slot machine has been designed is going to give you the chance of winning some very large cash payouts and it is probably going to be one of those higher variance slot games you will get plenty of enjoyment out of playing.

The huge multipliers that we are about to tell you all about will ensure that when everything falls into play you really can win some mega sized winning payouts, which is why most slot players track down and play certain slot machines.

As this can be a high variance slot game then do make full use of the player adjustable stake options for you will not want to bust out your bankroll too quickly when you are playing it, try and play for modest stake amounts for even when doing so some very large cash payouts can be won when playing this Spiderman slot from WMS Gaming.

Free Spins Bonus Round

There are a huge amount of bonuses on this Spiderman slot however the one we’ll focus on right now is the Free Spins. They have some of the best winning potential we’ve seen in a very long time. Simply spin 3 or more Mask symbols in to view and you’ll trigger 7 free spins.

Now that may not sound too exciting, but when you have random multipliers, a super multiplier worth up to x30, the chance to play 8 individual screens in any one game, stacked wilds, and a super scatter pay in the shape of the Green Goblin, you’ll be able to not only hit the big wins, but you’ll have a better chance of hitting the jackpot thanks to the special reel set.

In the base game, you’ll also randomly see the Green Goblin appear, and award a Super Scatter Pay, and also Spider Man may also appear to drag wilds around on to the second screen to give you twice the winning potential! There are of course video clips and genuine audio from the original movie to keep you going.

Reel Symbols and Payouts

The reel symbols and their associated payouts can of course be viewed at any time when playing this WMS Gaming slot machine, just tap onto the Pay Table button and all will be revealed to you.

As is the case with most slot machines found in land based casinos that come with a major theme you are going to find it is the character based symbols that award the higher valued winning payouts, however the Wild symbols in play on this slot game will always ensure lots of additional winning combinations can and will be formed the more you play this slot.


You really are going to find it very difficult to find slot machines which are as exciting to play as any that have been designed by WMS Gaming, having been an established slot machine designer and manufacture for many years now their attention to detail in regards to the way they design their slot machines is legendary.

Whilst some players tend to stick to playing three reel classical type of slot machines when it comes to you getting the best type of playing experience the next generation of slot machines which are rolling out on casino floors across the world by WMS Gaming are the ones you ought to track down and play for they are going to blow you away, not literally though, just in regards to everything they will offer you.

April 7, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.