Supercharged Reels Slots

jackpot-stampedeThere are a handful of slot machine designers who can always be relied on to release games that come packed with new and never seen before game play features, and one such company is of course WMS who have been supplying land based casinos throughout the US and other countries with a constant and very steady stream of innovative slot machines.

It is however the bonus rounds and bonus features that make the difference between a fairly standard type of slot machine and one that you will find yourself returning to time and time again, and two of their recent slot machines releases are the Roman Chariots slot and the Jackpot Stampede slot both of which have proved to be an instant success thanks to a feature known as the Supercharged Reels.

Should you always be looking for something new to play when you are playing slot machines and look out for those slot machines which offer some mind blowing winning payouts that you can only dream of then allow us to go into a little more detail as to what this new Supercharged Reels feature offers, as we are more than confident it will appeal to you and if all goes to plan when you next sit down to play either of those two slot machines we mentioned above then some massive winning payouts will be coming your way.

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The Supercharged Reels Feature Explained

On the centre three reels of both the Roman Chariots slot and the Jackpot Stampede slot are a set of stacked wild symbols, and when playing either of these two slots when you spin in on reel two, three or four a set of these stacked wild symbols which cover the entire reel or reels then you will unlock and additional set of reels which come with an increased winning multiplier.

There is also a special Spin type of reel symbol that can and will only every appear on the fifth reel, now when that symbol appears on any visible reel position of that fifth reel you are awarded with one free spin on the bonus reels, however what makes that free spin potentially a very high paying spin is that a huge multiplier value will become attached to the spin and as such any winning combination that is formed will be massively increased in value.

There is however a downside to the bonus reels and that is there will be one reel symbol that when it spins into view it will then reset the bonus reels and as such any multiplier attached to those reels will be reset the zero and the bonus feature will end and when that symbols drops into view you will then be hoping to spin in a set of stacked wild symbols or the special Spin symbol once again to supercharge them up again.

Benefits of Playing Supercharged Reels Slot Machines

There is no getting away from the fact that both the Roman Chariots and Jackpot Stampede slot machines are both high variance slots due to those Supercharged Reels bonus features, and as such they are going to appeal to slot players who want a very exciting type of slot spinning session and one that can and often does deliver some huge winning payouts.

It is worth noting that being high variance slots and as you have the potential to win some mega sized payouts even when playing either of these two slots for low stakes then you are going to experience some non paying streaks when playing either slot.

So do try and ensure that you opt to put into play some modest stake levels which may just see you riding out those non paying slot spins and hopefully enable you to reach those huge paying ones! As the coin and stake levels of both the Jackpot Stampede and Roman Chariots slot machines can be fully adjusted then always play at stake levels your budget can comfortably afford to enable you the get the maximum number of spins from your bankroll.

Never be put off playing any of the high variance WMS slot machines online for there is one thing that makes any of the games they offer appealing to players and that is the payout percentages that the slots have been designed to return to players.

When playing slots online or in a land based casino the trick to ensuring you get the maximum winning opportunities and also the maximum amount of playtime is to stick to playing the games with above average payout percentages and slot machines whose payout percentages have been certified which gladly all WMS slots have been.

Jackpot Stampede and Roman Chariots Slot Machine

We shall now give you a quick insight into both of the two currently available WMS slot machines which have the Surcharged Reels game play feature, these two slot machines are both live and available to play right now and as such you will have no problems finding a casino at which to play them at.

Roman Chariots Slot

The name of the Roman Chariots slot machine is going to give you an insight into the theme of this game and that is of course the Roman Empire, the sampled sound effects that come into play when you are playing it along with the perfectly themed reel symbols will ensure you get enveloped into the slot and once those Supercharged Reels become active then anything can and most likely will happen.

Jackpot Stampede Slot

The Jackpot Stampede slot machine is themed around a Cowboy type of theme and the star of the slot is the crazy looking Bull symbol for that is the Wild symbol and when it appears on any of the centre reels in a stacked format then you will be transferred over to those Supercharged Reels and the sky really is the limit in regards to what you can win once those multipliers come into play and that is one reason to give this slot as much play time as you can.

January 7, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.