The Sons of Anarchy Slot Machine Review

sons-of-anarchy-slotIt is quite rare to come across an Aristocrat designed slot game that is 100% themed around a popular television show however that is exactly what the Sons of Anarchy slot game is themed around! Having given this slot quite a lot of play time recently we just know both fans of the show and slot players who may never have seen it, are going to love the way it plays and more importantly pays.

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If you have never seen the show allow us to tell you that it is an American crime drama based show which was written by the multi talented Kurf Sutter. The show takes a much closer look at a very close knit group of motorcyclists who live and reside in and around California.

Probably the one thing that is going to go unnoticed when you come across this slot machine is the chair on which you will need to sit to play it. However, that chair is an iChair and as such you are going to find it can move and vibrate when playing this slot machine and the sound effects you will find in play via the speakers built into the chair really are going to bring this slot game to life.

Whilst you will come across many slot machines when you are wondering around a land based casino floor, you really should take the time out to give this Sons of Anarchy slot machine some play time.

With its multiple different staking options, it huge set of pay table listed winning payouts and its unique set of bonus features which can be triggered and awarded to you, we just know everything about this brand new slot machine is going to tick a lot of the right boxes for slot players.

Stakes and Payouts

You will of course have plenty of different ways that you are going to be able to play this slot in regards to the staking options. Being an Aristocrat slot you can play it for quite modest stake amounts or play it for some much larger and higher stake amounts.

The one most noticeable aspect of the actual play screen is that it has been configured as a 6 reel video slot so unlike most other video slots you will find an extra reel in play when playing off a base game spin.

The Sons of Anarchy slot does come with a high payout percentage and depending on the exact stake amount you are playing it for a different set of winning combinations can be spun in. As those winning symbols listed on the pay table will award a different cash amount when you line up a winning combination of matching reel symbols, then do feel free to click on the pay table button to find out what cash awards could be coming your way based on the stake levels you are playing this slot machine for.

The sky is the limit in regards to just how much you can win when playing the Sons of Anarchy slot machine! This is due to the fact that it comes with a live progressive jackpot. As the reset seed value of that progressive jackpot is a whopping $500,000 it is always going to be a large sized jackpot you can see ticking upwards in value as players play this networked slot.

Whilst the base game can awarded lots of winning combinations and does in fact come with an unusual way of forming winning combinations, three are several unique bonus games and bonuses features attached to this slot, and as such we shall take a look at them in the next section of this review.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

We shall now enlighten you on some of the base and bonus game features that can be awarded to you when you do give this Sons of Anarchy any amount of pay time. The first thing we should bring to your attention is the Cluster playing structure.

The way in which you are going to form a winning combination when playing of a base game spin on this slot is by spinning in one or more of the same matching reel symbols on the first reel then have those symbols connecting on the next reels in sequence. This is known as the Cluster pattern and the more matching reel symbols spinning on connecting reels from reel one onwards the more you will stand to win.

When you spin in the big Character symbols and they appear stacked and in full view on any one reel then you are going to be rewarded with a set of respins. The respins will then play off and each time you spin in the same Character reel symbols in view the actually size of the in view reels will grow to the size of those symbols.

That means you could see the reels becoming huge in size the more times you spin in the oversized Character reel symbols.

You will also find a set of stacked Grim Reaper reel symbols in play on the reels of this slot and when you have three of them making an appearance then you are going to be awarded with this slot machines Jackpot Wheel bonus game.

As soon as this bonus game is awarded to you then you have to swipe the screen to set the bonus wheel spinning. It is going to be dependent on just which segment of that bonus wheel spins in as to what you will be awarded with from that wheel spinning bonus game.

The bonuses on offer include each of the different sized progressive jackpots attached to this slot and one of the progressive jackpots that can be won is the huge valued one we told you about early! Also, when spinning the bonus game wheel you could be awarded with a different number of free spins. The free spins awarded will be played off with the same stakes and the same paylines a you had in play on the spin that triggered the bonus feature round.

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