The Walking Dead Slot Machine Review

walking-dead-slotThe biggest television show on Cable Television ever is of course AMC’s The Walking Dead, the show follows the daily lives of a collection of people whose lives have been changed forever due to the outbreak of a virus that brings the dead back to life.

The team of survivors have many challenges ahead of them and the show follows their lives unfolding on a day to day basis, not only do they have to keep well clear of the infected Zombies who can turn a human into a Zombie with one bite, but they also have to steer clear of other survivors who will do anything to survive including killing anyone who gets in their way.

If you haven’t seen the Walking Dead then make sure you do, start with the first episode of series one for if that show doesn’t make you become an ardent fan of the series then nothing will! Just be aware that you are going to see blood, guts and all manner of atrocities unfolding on every episode of the series.

If you are already a diehard fan of the Walking Dead then you are now able to play a slot machine from Aristocrat that is completely themed around the cast of the show, these brand new internet slot machines are infecting casinos up and down the US and we guarantee you will not be able to resist playing them when you stumble across them.

Where to play the Walking Dead Slots

Whilst the Zombie virus has yet to infect online casinos that does of course mean that you are not going to be able to play The Walking Dead slot online.

Another online casino that we just know is going to surpass your highest of expectations is the US player friendly Black Diamond site, they offer a massive collection of slot machines and to ensure they US players can play in a hassle free way, they offer plenty of cost effective banking options to all American players.

You will find that if you sign up today at either of the two above named online casino sites you are going to be able to massively increase your playing bankroll for both of these licensed and fully regulated casinos are offering a generous and instantly credited welcome bonus offer to all new customers, checkout their respective websites for more details.


The Walking Dead slot from Aristocrat is a multi line slot on which you can opt to play up to 300 coins per spin, the minimum coin values are 0.01 and as is usually the case with slots designed in this way you are going to get the best chance of winning some of the larger winning base and bonus games when you put into play maximum bets spins, but as the number of coins you can put into live play is adjustable you will get just as much entertainment value out of playing it for low stake amounts as you would when max betting.

The slot is currently available in a limited number of land based casinos in the US and the slot does boast the surround sound slot chair which means you are going to get totally and completely immersed in the slot game as you play them, just do not get too engrossed in playing them or you may just get bitten by a passing zombie, or Walker as the are known.

Free Spins Bonus Round

You can win several different types of free spins bonus games when playing the Walking Dead slot game, and these will play out with not only various additional features but also different valued multipliers will also be in play.

The way in which you are going to find out just which bonus game you are going to be playing is by you first spinning a Disease Control Bonus Wheel, and wherever it stops will be the bonus game you have won.

Reel Symbols and Payouts

The reel symbols as you would expect on the Walking Dead slot game feature characters and instantly recognizable symbols from the show plus you can of course expected to find a cast of zombies lurking somewhere on the slot as you play them.

The game can be played for up to 300 coins per spin and as such when playing for coin values of 0.01 that will equate to a maximum cot per spin of $3.00, there is a whopping jackpot up for grabs on this slot and if you are lucky enough to win the jackpot you will find you are instantly $500,000 richer.


You really are not going to want to play any other slot machines on a land based casino floor once you discover the Walking Dead slots are available, there really is a lot to like about the way they play and pay, and thanks to the video clips and sound effects that play out as you are playing the slot and the very immersive theme and of course the many different base and bonus games features they offer, expect to have some long and very entertaining slot playing sessions when you do get around to playing them.

You will find that you can always play the Walking Dead slot machines for stakes of your own choosing, for it doesn’t matter how low or high you set the stake levels at you will be assured of plenty of bonus game features triggering.

We love every single aspect of these slot games, and whilst sadly some of the characters you will find on the slot game are now dead by either being eaten alive by zombies or by some other equally horrible fate, you will still find these slots enjoyable, and they will certainly add another level to your slot playing experiences.

April 13, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.