Thumbelina Slot Machine Review

Thumbelina-SlotIt cannot be an easy task for slot game designers such as WMS Gaming to keep on dreaming up brand new themes for some of their new slot machines, for this company have a large back catalogue of slot machines and constantly having to come up with new and never seen before themes cannot be as easy as you would imagine.

However, true to form they have come with a great theme for their Thumbelina slot which is based around the classic fairy tale penned by Hans Christian Andersen way back in the year 1835! But do not think you will be playing a slot machine with an outdated set of playing features and bonus games when you play this slot, for whilst its theme may be ancient the way this slot game plays and pays is bang up to date.

Design and Theme

You are going to have the optional of playing up to 40 paylines when playing this new Thumbelina slot game, and depending on which land based casino you choose to play it in you will find the coin denominations on offer can and will vary, however the lowest available coin setting is of course 0.01 and as such you will be able to play it for quite affordable stake levels.

The theme of this slot as mentioned above is a unique one, and when playing it you will find it boasts plenty of unique sampled sound effects to give the slot a certain level of entertainment value plus with animated reel symbols that can and will spring into life it can be a very exciting slot to play.

As you may already have played WMS Gaming slot machines before, you may be aware of the rather exciting way in which the bonus game awarding reel symbols spin in, that being by the reels slowing down a little once you get the first couple of bonus game awarding symbols spinning in, and when that happens you will often find yourself sat or stood there willing the third one to spin in.

Basic Features

When playing this slot game you will be hoping three of the Young Man reel symbols spin into view, those reel symbol are scatter symbols so it doesn’t really matter in which position on the reels they land as long as you have at least three of them in view when they spin in you will then get to play off a set of bonus games via the bonus feature round.

Be aware that you will be awarded with an initial set of 10 free spins for spinning in three or more of those scatter symbols, but when playing this slot whenever a bonus symbol has spun into view it may display a number on that scatter symbol.

When you spin in three or more of the scatter symbols any number superimposed on those scatter symbols are all added together and will be added to your initial set of free spins. In total once you have triggered the bonus game thanks to those additional numbers displayed on the scatter symbols you could win in total fifty free spins.

As you are playing off your initially awarded set of free spins you can re-trigger them by spinning in another set of three or more reel symbols and much like in the base game additional numbers can be found superimposed on some of the scatter symbols, and when three or more scatter symbols spin in during the bonus game you are awarded with another set of 10 free spins plus any additional numbers on those scatter symbols are added together and awarded as extra free spins.

The bonus free spins round is played off with a special set of reels in play and as such you may find it easier to form additional inning combinations during the free spins round thanks to the layout and design of those bonus game reel sets.

Our Thoughts

There is a lot to like about this Thumbelina slot game, and if you are a fan of playing slot machines that can and will eventually trigger and award you with sets of free spins then this is a slot machine worth playing.

As is usually the case when you choose to play slots that come with free spins bonus rounds you will find when playing this one the free spins rounds can sometimes be awarded in quick succession, however the opposite is often the case and do not be too annoyed if you do no manage to trigger the free spins for quite a long time, for eventually those free spins will come your way.

As this slot machine is completely unique and not simply a clone of any other slot machine that WMS Gaming have designed or launched you should get a unique type of playing session if you do decide to give it a whirl, so do keep your eyes open for this slot which is beginning to be wheeled out on casino floors in many different countries.

January 13, 2015 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.