Wheel of Fortune Series of Slot Machines

wheel-of-fortune-slotsYou are guaranteed to find at the very least one bank of IGT designed Wheel of Fortune slot machines no matter which land based casino you wander into for this is one of the most popular series of slots found anywhere in the world, and it is probably the unique bonus game which attracts a huge number of players to regularly give these slot machines some play time.

Whilst the aim of playing any Wheel of Fortune slot machine is for you to trigger the bonus game it is worth pointing out that there are some quite large winning payouts to be won during the base game and as such even if you do not find the bonus game triggering that often or at all when you are playing it you can still end any session playing these slots in profit.

Below to give you an idea of some of the very latest Wheel of Fortune slot  machines which have recently been wheeled out onto land based casino floors we have put together an overview of the slots that have gone live from IGT all of which do indeed offer the Wheel of Fortune Bonus game feature round.

Where to play the Wheel of Fortune Slots


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Wheel of Fortune Dazzling Gems Slot

You can trigger the Wheel of Fortune bonus game when playing this slot only when playing maximum bet spins so do keep that in mind for by playing anything less than maximum coins per spin you will have no chance of triggering that bonus game! This is a 3 reel slot on which a free spins bonus game can be triggered and progressive jackpots are also on offer but it will probably be the bonus game you will be looking to trigger and boy does it trigger frequently on this slot.

Wheel of Fortune Double Lucky Pays Slot

You will be playing another classical three reel type of slot if you opt to give the Double Lucky Pays slot machine a try you are of course going to be able to trigger the Wheel of Fortune bonus game feature round should you play maximum bet spins and also spin in the unique Spin reel symbols found only on the final reel, and thanks to some x3, x4 and x5 multipliers which are wild symbols then some fairly hefty winning payouts are always there for the taking on this slot game.

Wheel of Fortune Spinning Reel 5 Reel Slot

This unique looking and playing Spinning Reel 5  Reel version of the Wheel of Fortune slot gives you the chance of playing 27 paylines per spin and the way the bonus game is awarded is slightly different on this slot for instead of you having to spin in just one Spin bonus symbols when playing this particular slot you have to get three of these symbols landing on the payline, but that will happen more often that you think so it is going to be a slot you warm too probably more so when you see just how generous the payouts listed on its pay table are.

Wheel of Fortune Red Hot 7’s

Another very recent slot in the Wheel of Fortune series of slot machines to go live is the Red Hot 7’s version of the game and this slot offers you the ability of playing 9 paylines spread over its three stepper reels, there is a lot to like about the ease at which you play this game and unlike some slot in the Wheel of Fortune series you will certainly not find it in any way shape or form complicated to play, just make sure you put into play all 27 paylines for the maximum winning chances should you choose to give it a try.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Pennies Slot

This Triple Action Pennies slot is of course a penny slot version of the Wheel of Fortune slot machine however do not be under the impression it will only cost you a few pennies to play, for whilst you can of course lower the paylines and stakes down to just pennies per spin if you want any chance what so ever of triggering the bonus game then you need to put into play maximum bet spins, so you will in fact be playing it for Dollars as opposed to pennies! It is a video slot and as such boasts 5 high definition video reels.

Wheel of Fortune Double Double Diamond Slot

The Double Double Diamond is one of the most played three reel slot machines, however thanks to the boffins over at IGT they have given this age old and timeless classic slot a major makeover and have now released it as another slot in the Wheel of Fortune series, and as such when you are playing this 25 cent slot for maximum stake levels then the Wheel of Fortune bonus game can be triggered, look out for this great playing slot for that added bonus makes a brilliant slot even more playable.

Wheel of Fortune San Francisco Slot

When you are playing the Wheel of Fortune San Francisco slot you will be given the option of placing a “Buy a Pay” type bonus wager and when this wager is placed and the bonus game is triggered then you will get extra Pointers added onto the bonus wheel which does of course mean you stand to win even more money when the Wheel of Fortune bonus game is triggered, add this slot to your list of Wheel of Fortune slots to play for it really is a great version and one that you will enjoy playing.


It doesn’t really matter which Wheel of Slot machine you settle down to play it is going to be the Wheel of Fortune bonus game that you will be looking to trigger when you are playing any of the slots that make up this slot machine series, and with there being so many different versions available you will often be spoilt for choice.

As is always the case when you play any slot machine with the maximum bet wagers in place then you are going to have a better chance of winning and with there being several different sized progressive jackpots on offer on all of the above named Wheel of Fortune slots then you really can walk away with some life changing jackpot payouts if of course all goes to plan.

However, be aware that in most cases you do not need to play maximum bet wagers to trigger the bonus games or benefit from the high payout percentages so make sure that you check around for the long term expected payout percentages can and do vary from casino to casino and you will be looking to play the ones with only the highest RTP’s attached to them.

One final aspect of playing the Wheel of Fortune slot games is that you should never get too obsessed with trying to trigger the wheel spinning bonus game round, for it has been known for there to be some huge amounts of spins between bonus games triggering and if you do keep chasing those bonus games but do not trigger them then your slot machine playing bankroll can soon become exhausted.

All in all we do rate every single Wheel of Fortune slot machine highly as they all come with their own unique features, and as is always the case when playing slot machines the only way to find out whether you like a slot or not is to give it some playtime, and try as many slots in the series until you find one that appeals to you personally, and there will certainly be at least one Wheel of Fortune slot machine that you will enjoy playing time and time again.

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