Wicked Winnings Slot Series Review

wicked-winnings-slotOne of the most successful slot game series that Aristocrat has ever released is the Wicked Winnings slot machine series. There are currently three different slots which make up this series of machines and each of them comes with its own unique type of playing structure but they do share their the rather somewhat evil looking type of theme.

If you have never played Aristocrat slot machines before then you really have been missing out on some of the best looking and highest paying slots you can play and with there being no shortage of games from this slot machine manufacturer you are virtually guaranteed to find some of their slots available when you visit a land based casino in many different parts of the world.

Much like all of the other major slot designers you are going to find the Aristocrat range of slots come with high payout percentages, plenty of paylines and stake level options but it is the animated reel symbols and sampled high definition sound effects that really do bring these slot games to life.

Have a look through this review of the three currently available Wicked Winnings slot machines for each of them are designed differently but can and will give you a very enjoyable slot playing experience, and the jackpots each of them have on offer really are there for the taking.

Where to play the Wicked Winnings Slots

As the designer and supplier of the Wicked Winnings slot machine series is of course Aristocrat and as they supply machines to many different countries you are going to find their range of slots are available at many land based casinos through the world, however we have not yet seen their Wicked Winnings range of slots on offer at online casino sites.

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Wicked Winnings I Slot

The original Wicked Winnings slot game is quite an old slot by today’s standards, it offers a five reel playing format and is of course a multi line and multi stake slot machine and whilst not packed with as many features at the later slots in the series thanks to you being able to trigger a set of free spins and also benefit from Stacked Wild symbols on the middle reel which are available in both the base and bonus games then the winning combinations can be formed quite regularly when those symbols spin in and covers the entire reel.

This is the classic Wicked Winnings slot game, although it doesn’t offer a huge amount of features, it is a strong slot with a very reliable playing style, awarding plenty of big wins and quite often too. If you haven’t yet given the Wicked Winnings 1 slot a try, be sure to give it some play time next time you fancy a spin of the reels.

Sadly it has to be noted that as this slot machine is beginning to show its age you will not find it as readily available to play in land based casinos as the later two slots in the series, and as such you are going to find fewer and fewer casinos offering this retro looking slot machine, but should you find a casino offering it then do give it some play time.

Wicked Winnings II Slot

The second edition of the Wicked Winnings slot has some enhancements, including clearer graphics, an expanded paytable and a slightly altered bonus round, you’ll find the second edition comes with a respin feature, and there are also free spins, scatter pays and much, much more.

You will find it boasts Stacked reel symbols which when you get several of them filling consecutive reels can add up to some large winning payouts, the free spins can and often do retrigger which makes this slot highly attractive and one on which some large winning payouts are always possible.

Many people list this slot as the slot they like playing out of all three versions of this machine, however everyone who has played them all will have had both winning and losing sessions when playing them and it is often the case that when a player has had a large winning payout on one slot that slot tends to become one of their favorites.

Wicked Winnings III Slot

If you’re looking for the best possible gaming experience, then be sure to play the third generation Wicked Winnings slot. The game has a hugely expanding feature portfolio, as well as a variety of playing stakes.

The game is different to the usual 5 reel slot, as there is a 6th reel and as such you’ll have even more ways of winning! The theme is the same as its predecessors. However, the adoption of a far more powerful graphics engine ensures that the game runs smoother, faster and at an increased performance.

The extra reel is only activated on maximum bets, however, we do believe that you’ll get far more action playing with this reel as opposed to not playing with it. It does require an additional side bet, but it is more than worth it.

We do know that Aristocrat are always prepared to spend a lot of time deigning new slot machines and always like to bring out slots that make up part of a series of slots and as such in the coming year or two we may just see a Wicked Winnings IV slot being released, but as yet we haven’t heard any news that indicates an extra slot in the series is definitely going to be launched, but fingers crossed one day soon the fourth slot n this series may make its debut.

Wicked Winnings Legends – WW IV

The fourth slot in the Wicked Winning slot series is the Wicked Winnings Legends slot machine, and boy what a slot is it! You are hardly going to miss it on a casino floor as it is housed in Aristocrat’s Helix Cabinet which makes its stand out from the crowd.

What makes this slot game rather unusual is that you are able to pick from one of two different Wicked Winnings slots to play, you can choose the Wicked Winnings II slot or the much more interesting Wicked Winnings IV slot.

The Wicked Winnings IV Slot has a unique bonus feature which is triggered as soon as the Stacked Wild symbol has been spun in and covers the second, third of fourth reel completely.

This feature is going to award you with three re-spins on which more Stacked Wild symbols can be spun in. Not only that but by spinning in a Flame symbols on both reels one and five in the same base game spin you will be awarded with as set of ten free spins.

Those Flame symbols are superimposed onto other reel symbols and as such you will never know whether you have triggered those free spins until the fifth reel has comes to a complete stop. The free spins are played off on four different mini Wicked Winnings slot game screens all visible on the one slot game screen and those free spins boast Sticky Stacked Reels which will see any Stacked Wilds locking into position for consecutive free spins.


In all, the Wicked Winnings slots are great to play, and as there are 3 generations of slots, you’ll have all the choice you could want, whether you want to play a simple 5 reel slot, or a 6 reel ‘power reel slot’. All of the jackpots on the Wicked Winnings slots are generous, and you can win some huge amounts from relatively small stakes.

Obviously, not every spin will result in a huge payout, but winning combinations do come in thick and fast. To ensure you do get the best possible chances of winning we recommend that you play with the maximum lines and when playing the multi coin versions then always try and put into play a stake level that is based on your available bankroll, the lower the stake level the more games and spins you are going to be able to play.

The high variance nature of these slots will see you possibly having to wait quite a while to spin in those larger paying combinations and to trigger the higher paying bonus games, but as all of the Wicked Winnings slots boast high payout percentages then as long as you are playing these slots you will always have a sporting chance of winning on them.

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