Baccarat Strategy Systems

The casino game of Baccarat is older than casinos themselves. It’s considered an “Elegant” game and one that is played for the highest of stakes. Many of us will be playing the mini-Baccarat version which has the same rules as, but is played for much smaller stakes. If you ever have enough bankroll, you can step into the high rollers area and play big bet Baccarat and fell like a king for few hours.

If you are unfamiliar with this game, we recommend reading our article on how to play baccarat that teaches the rules and even a bit of history about the game. Once you are caught up and understand the rules, come on back and start learning how to beat the game. The game is quite easy to play as you only have 3 betting options; The banker, The Player and a Tie. Its how the cards are dealt and what determines how many are dealt that is confusing.

This article will not get into the rules as, we are assuming you know them already and are looking for ways to start making more money playing Baccarat. The following information, will tell you all there is to know about maximizing you’re playing experience and making the most money possible. We will cover everything from:

  • What bets are best and the odds to back it up.
  • What bets to stay away from.
  • Betting strategies to help overcome losing streaks and capitalize on wins

Let’s first start by discussing why so many players choose Baccarat over other casino games. Like I stated above, it’s an easy game to play and takes little experience to jump right in. This is perhaps one of the main reasons players choose this gambling game.

But, to the skilled and savvy gambler, Baccarat has one of the bets in the house. If you read our articles you will notice a trend that discusses a term called the “House Edge”. This edge is how casinos make their money and is built in to every casino game. Some games will have higher edge than others and some games just aren’t worth playing because this house advantage is just too high.

While Baccarat does have some sucker bets, it also has one of the lowest odds bets you can place. Many bets in casino games have odds that average between 5-10% and as often times 20% or more. These are insurmountable, but still often played. The smart gambler knows that Baccarat has a bet that only has a 1.06% house edge.

If there is one rule and one rule only that you stick to in Baccarat it’s this; always bet on the Banker!

The Banker bet is the best bet you can place as it has the lowest house edge of all bets at 1.06%. You will pay a 5% commission on winning bets, but it’s still the best option. The lure of placing a tie bet with its 8-1 payout should be avoided at all costs. While the payout may be nice it has a terrible house advantage at 14.36%. And, to make placing a bet on the Banker even better, in the event of a tie, all banker bets as well as player bets, push. This means you get your money back on all ties.

These percentages are assuming the game is using 8 decks as is the most common. However, you will find casinos that use anywhere form 1-8 decks. The good news is this, the fewer decks used, the better your odds are. A 1 deck game of Baccarat only has a 1.01% house edge on banker bets. Rules remain the same and regardless of how many decks used, the Banker bet should be the only bet placed when playing.

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Baccarat Betting Strategies

Now that we know the ONLY bet to place in Baccarat, let’s start talking about how to use betting strategies to help increase our winnings.

1-3-2-6 System

This progression of betting is the most used when it comes to playing Baccarat. It has been shown to increase results and offers players a chance of a high rate of return with low risk. The system is basically self-explanatory as to how bet what amounts. It works best with even money payout bets which the Banker bet is close enough to that it works well for Baccarat.

You start out by betting one unit since the first number is 1. If you win, go on to betting 3 units on the next hand. If you win a 3rd time in a row, you bet 2 units. And, if you win 4 times in a row, you will be placing a 6 unit bet. Didn’t see that one coming did you?

If at any time you lose a hand during this progression, go back to the beginning and bet 1 unit. Once you complete 4 wins in a row, start over as well.

Its principle theory is that you can only lose 2 units in a single bet. At first glance of the progression, you may think that you can lose as many as 6 or 3 based on how many units it says to bet, but in reality we are only losing 2 of our units. Sound confusing? Here’s proof of why we only lose 2 units of our money.

If we lose the first progression, we have lost only 1 unit. If we win, we gain 1 and now place a bet of 3 units on the following hand. Yes, we have placed a 3 unit bet but, we are using 1 unit that we won the previous hand which was not technically ours when started playing. Thus, we will only lose 2 of our own units lose this bet. Obviously the 3rd progression we can only lose 2 units but at this point we are free rolling with the casinos money.

On the 4th progression we are betting 6 units, but these are all units that were won from the casino. If we made it this far we have won 3 hands in a row. We won 1 unit on the first bet, 3 more on the second and 2 more on the 3rd. This gives us a total of 6 units that we took form the casino. This bet is on the house in a sense and we lose none of our own units at this point.

Paroli and Parlay Baccarat System

These two are very similar but are often discussed as separate systems. The Paroli system is often referred to as the anti-Martingale system. The Martingale system dictates that you double all best after a losing hand, and keep bets the same after a winning hand. dealer

Both the Paroli and Parlay use the opposite strategy of doubling bets on winning hands and keeping the same after a losing one. An example would go something like this.

You start by betting $5 and win this hand. Both systems say to double all bets after winning; therefore, our next bet will be $10. If we win again, the following bet will now be $20. If at any point you lose, go back to the original bet of $5.

The only difference between the Paroli and Parlay system is this. In the Paroli system you stop after 3 winning hands in a row and go back to betting your one unit. The Parlay system lets you go as far as you want. There is no defined stopping point and this must be decided the player using this method.

I much prefer the Paroli system as it has a set guideline. Also, the Parlay may allow you to win a huge amount by doubling every winning bet. But, this requires you to on a hot streak and at some point you will lose. If you don’t stop before that losing hand, you just lost a pile of winnings and have to start over.

Baccarat Systems To Avoid

There are a few other strategies that you may run into, but they are all less useful than the aforementioned betting systems listed. Many of these systems rely on which bet won the following hand or a sequence of hands. These are often referred to as tracking systems and should never be used.

Why you say? Well, if you read form the beginning you will know the only bet to place in Baccarat is the Banker. Tracking systems such as Follow the Shoe and the Avant Dernier System dictate that you place a bet based on which side wins.

Using the Follow the Shoe method, you would place a wager on whichever bet won the previous hand. If the banker bet won, then the next hand you place a bet on the banker. If the tie bet wins this time, the next time you place a bet on the tie. Its theory is to catch a hot streak and ride it out. But, we all now know that you should never be placing a bet other than on the banker. Not to mention these methods are bullocks and only prey on those who feel Baccarat hands have a pattern.

This leads me into my next strategy that should be avoided. This is also a tracking system but has no betting strategy involved. At any Baccarat table, you will find pieces of paper and a pencil. This so the players can write down each outcome of all hands dealt. This is supposed to allow players to spot streaks and hope to ride one to riches.

Let’s think about this for a moment shall we. The casino is going to let us write down each hand so that we can predict a streak? “That’s mighty nice of them” we say to ourselves. Why are doing this if we can potentially spot a hot run of cards?

The answer is simple. You can’t predict a good run of hands! Do you honestly think the casino would let you try and predict what cards are going to come? If you could, there is no way they would give you any type of advantage. This gimmick is simply there to make players feel like they have some control and make them play more, plain and simple.

Save yourself some carpal tunnel and stick with betting on the Banker every single hand and use the betting strategies listed above. This will help to give you the best possible chance winning more money and make you better than the average player.

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