How to Play Craps Tips

Craps online and in your local casino are probably one of the most popular played casino games. The game can be confusing and complicated for some but once you get the hang of it everything should come naturally to you. If you have played before and took advice from others, you probably figured out there is much more to the game then you originally thought. Accepting tips from someone on the table is not always a bad thing but if you want to learn how to win yourself it’s best you found the tips guide here.

There is many betting options that come along with playing Craps and not all bets pay the same. When you go to the Craps table you need to determine how long you want to play prior to going. Yes you can always speed up your bets while playing but doing so might not be your best option. The winning percentage on most bet options are low but pay really well. This is away for the casino to get you to lose your money fast and we will be going into that a little more below.

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Since we already know there is many craps bet options, which ones do we use? Do we just toss our chips on the table and hope it lands on a winning bet? The answer is obviously no, and you will be surprised at how easy a winning strategy in Craps can be.

There are only 2 bets we recommend you do while playing Craps if you’re looking to win long term. These are the Don’t Pass, and Laying the Odds bet. The don’t pass bet is a bet against the shooter rolling the point number before a 7. The laying odds bet are much the same but pays out based on what the point is.

These two bets have the lowest house edge of any bet in Craps and will give the best possible chance at winning. In fact, the laying odds bet has no house edge which is virtually unheard of any game in a casino. This is why you won’t see it laid out on the table as they don’t necessarily want you to know about it. But now you are a skilled and knowledgeable player and have the information needed to beat the house.

We also know that every other bet is just a sucker bet and should always be avoided. If you like to fit in and root along with others, you can place a pass bet and odds bet as they are not that much different as far as the house advantage goes. Only a few fractions of a percent; which will not make or break you. Most players use these bets and you are in a sense rooting for the shooter as these bets will win if the shooter can roll the point before a 7. Most of the other bets, especially the prop bets or inside bets have terrible odds and a house advantage as high as 17% on some.

If you are following this strategy and betting against the shooter with a don’t pass and laying odds bet, it’s not polite to cheer when your bets win. Most will be betting with the shooter and being the lone winner at a table full of losers isn’t the best time to flaunt the fact that you won. Etiquette in a craps game should always be followed out. By showing some manners you can expect to be treated fairly from the other craps players who are not on the same bet as you.

Online Craps Strategy Software

If you have heard or curious about craps systems and software don’t use them. These types of software claim they are able to defeat online casino programing and/or other gaming odds mathematical equations. This just isn’t true as each roll of the dice is unique and completely random. With just using some common sense you already know deep down these wont work. Think about it, if these actually worked why would they be selling them for a few dollars? Don’t get scammed into downloading and using any form of craps strategy software. These will just end up costing you a headache and probably your money. Not only that, some of these actually auto run which is against the rules for online casinos. Imagine if you had no idea the craps software started while logged into the casino and you was away at work. There is a decent chance you could come home with a zero casino balance!

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