Working out Your RTP’s When Playing Slots

calculatorYou will often come across slot games on offer at all online casinos which will be showcased heavily on that particular site, this may be a brand new slot like The WishMaster Slot which has just gone live or one of the casinos featured slots which is being heavily promoted due to the theme of the slot being relevant to the current date or time of year.

For example if it is Halloween then many Microgaming casino sites tend to heavily promote slots such as the Franken Cash Slot or the Halloweenies slot game, and as part of the promoting of those slot game you may find them boasting just how high the payout percentages that each slot game has been set to return to players over the long term operation of that individual game.

Any savvy slot player is of course going to be attracted to a slot game offer a much higher than average payout percentage that one with an average long term payout percentage, however many players haven’t got a clue how to work out their payout percentages or in fact what effect they have on the playability of any single slot game.

With this in mind you are going to find this article quite interesting for it will highlight just what a slot game payout percentage is and how it works and what effect it has on a slot and we will also give you a step by step overview of how you can instantly work out your own individual payout percentage over any given time on any one single slot game you have played.

RTP’s and Payout Percentages Explained

RTP means Return to Player, and it is a figure displayed on a slot game screen or in the help files of that slot which gives players an indication of just how much money a slot game is going to return to them in cash payouts from the stakes wagered on that slot over the long term operation of the game.

The way slot games work is that the amount of cash you will win and lose will wildly fluctuate as you play the slot but over a certain amount of time each slot should arrive at its expected payout percentage, that amount of time could however be hundreds of thousands or millions of spins.

The best types of slot games to play are those which have been designed to return a higher payout percentage than others, we have lots of slot reviews dotted around our website that will let you know just how much a slot game has been designed to return to players, for example the Elementals Slot from Microgaming has a long term RTP of 96.15%.

The Dog Father slot has been set to return 95.52% to players over the long term, the RTP’s can and do vary greatly from machine to machine, so do have a look around our site and stick to playing those slots which have the highest payout percentages as they offer the best chances of you winning.

How to Work Your Individual Slot Game Playing Sessions RTP

Below is a three step guide showing you how to work out you actual payout percentage achieved when you have played one slot for any amount of time, as long as you follow this guide completely you will always be able to actually work out just how well or how bad any slot playing session has been in regards to your payout percentage.

Stakes Wagered

The first thing that you have to do is to record every single wager you have placed when playing any single slot game during any one session played on that slot. So you will need to make a note of every spin played on that slot which was a paid for spin.

Do not count free spins that a slot game has awarded you with, just actual base game spins, so for example if you have played 55 spins at stake levels of 0.75 per spin that will mean you have wagered in total 41.25.

Do not include in this figure any losses you made when you opted to take the gamble feature, the only figure you need for this part of working out your RTP is the actual stakes wagered when you clicked there spin button to set any base game spin into play.

Winnings Achieved

Next you need to know just how much cash you won during that session. This will again call for you to note down every single winning payout that was credited to your casino account as winnings. This figure must include every wing whether from the base game or from the bonus game features.

If you opted to take the gamble feature and you won, any winnings from those types of games must be added to this figure also. As an example let us say you won 17.50 from base game spins, 8.25 from a free spins round and you also won 2.50 from a gamble game, these winnings when all added together come to 28.25, and we will use this figure below to give you an idea of how you work out your payout percentage.

Actual Payout Percentage

Once you have the two bits of information you are now able to work out the payout percentage you achieved during any single slot playing session.

In our examples above we won 28.25 when playing a slot game over one session and wagered a total of 41.25, and to work out your individual payout percentage on that session you divide the total winnings by the total stakes, so 28.25 divided by 41.25 works out at 0.68 (you only need the two digits after the decimal point).

In this example you remove the zero and the decimal point which leaves 68, and as such your actual payout percentage for that session was 68%. If you are working out your RTP and there is a number valued at one or above for example 1.24 then you just remove the decimal point, and in this example that would mean your RTP for that session was 124%, which does of course mean you made a profit on that session.

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