There is something incredibly alluring about the thought of winning a life-changing amount of money. Yes, admit it, you’ve dreamt about it at least more than once. In your daydreams you’ve already traveling across the globe in a private jet to get to your next luxurious hideout. It doesn’t matter how you spend it, there is no single person on this planet that won’t enjoy absolute financial freedom.

And, it actually exists. Many people have won insane amounts of money thanks to pure luck. Every year online casinos pay out millions to lucky players and 2018 is no different. Let’s take a look at what this year has delivered so far.


Mega Moolah was at it again after a lucky Swedish player won the biggest jackpot since 2016 only 3 hours after signing in to play. And as if this wasn’t enough, the same lucky man scooped another jackpot of €650 000 on NetEnt’s Mega Millions campaign after he had won his first massive jackpot.

Tales like these always seem to only happen in fairytales but this man made it a reality. So let’s just repeat that, his first win was €5,984,456 and then after that he won an additional €650 000.

The Swedish player said he was on vacation and in the mood to play a bit and that the big win hasn’t sunk in properly. He vowed to share the money with his loved ones and to vacation more often.


If you imagine heaven you most probably think of pure happiness where people constantly smile and when you think of online slots, you most probably feel excited. The combination of the two is a match made in heaven and one lucky player can vouch for that.

Slot Heaven Casino recently paid out a whopping £1.37 million to a lucky player while he was playing Playtech’s Gladiator Jackpot Slot. And, with this amount of money he or she will surely be able to complete the most incredible bucket list of all time.


One lucky Finnish player won a whopping €2.7 million after placing €2 bets recently. It must have been the best investment he ever made. The old Scandinavian fertility goddess, Gefion, obviously takes good care of Finnish players. She has forever been considered to be the bringer of good luck and that is exactly what happened to this lucky player when it was least expected.


Sweden seems to be a place of luck because another 25-year old Swedish youngster won €1.6 million while playing his favourite slot this year. The lucky winner admitted that his road to success started on the toilet but it didn’t stop Andrej to win a massive jackpot.

It was the NetEnt’s Divine Fortune Slot that changed his life forever. The funny thing about this great win is that Andrej wanted to withdraw his cash from a previous win before he changed his mind. And that dear friend was the best decision of his life.


As if 2018 has not yet delivered enough millionaires. One lucky player won €1 million while playing Reactoonz Slot at Bob Casino. What makes it even more exciting is that the lucky player won €333,460 from one single spin.

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