Latest Casino Industry News

The casino is for many online gaming enthusiasts – the ultimate land of milk and honey that they dream of, day and night. The skills needed to succeed on this land depend on one’s ability to learn the ins and out of gambling, while at the same time, keeping up with the industry news that’ll help them stay a step ahead of the competition.

Whether you’re a gambler or a stakeholder in a betting company, following up on industry news is a must for you. This article highlights some of the most trending casino industry news this summer.

EGBA Planning Lawsuit Against Norwegian Government

The European Gaming and Betting Association has moved to court to stop the Norwegian government from implementing measures that make it illegal to conduct financial transactions with foreign betting companies. The government of Norway, in a move ‘to regulate internet use’ in the country, proposed that foreign betting companies shouldn’t be granted licenses to operate in the country.

The government argues that the presence of these foreign betting companies has become part of unregulated web activities that involve the illegal transfer of money and tax evasion. It recently completed consultations to have laws restricting the transfer of funds to and from these foreign websites. EGBA is hoping to have this law repelled for what it terms as being unlawful according to both the EU and Norwegian law.

Jackpot Games Are Now on GameArt

GameArt, among the newest and most successful companies in the online gaming scene, has announced a new feature in their developments. GameArt is now set to release games that have the option of the jackpot.

32 slots which are compatible and run on both computers and mobile devices, will be part and parcel of the first batch it releases. The widget at the top of the playing field interface will have the following jackpots:

  • Mini
  • Minor
  • Major
  • Grand

The prize pools aren’t static, and thus change over time. Gamers also have the added advantage of choosing to either play the progressive or fixed jackpot. The GameArt package is worth trying out, for anyone who wants to give users a new experience on their platform.

Table Game Masterclass

Clarion Gaming, a partner of the European Casino Association, has organized a Table Game Masterclass on the 4th and 5th of September in Amsterdam.

The class is designed and shall be conducted by Robert Brassai. in conjunction with the Totally Gaming Academy. The market has changed a lot since table games were introduced in 1638. Table games still remain an integral part of the gaming industry, and with changing customer expectations, it’s necessary for gaming sites and companies to keep up with the trends.

This class is specifically suited for both gamers and gaming platform providers to help the former learn the ins and outs of table gaming and the latter how to handle situations on the gaming floor. All the mathematics and skills needed for one to run a gaming floor successfully shall be covered in this class too.

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