The Big Chase Slot Machine Review

the-big-chase-slotIt is true to say that when Bally put their time and effort into designing a brand new slot machine you can rest assured the slot machine is going to be well worth playing whenever you come across it in a land based casino, and one of their most recent slot machine releases is the Big Chase slot which is certainly going to give you a fun filled slot playing session.

There really can be no better slot machine to play than one that comes with its own cast of characters and a whole host of unique playing structures and playing features that are not found on other slots, and one thing we can say about the Bally Gaming’s Big Chase slot is that you are going to find yourself returning time and time again to play it once you see each of its bonus features being awarded to you.

Below is a full review of the Big Chase slot game, please do have a good look through this review, for whilst it is not currently available to play online, you are going to find it being rolled out onto the casino floors of many land based casino sites.

Where to play the Big Chase Slot

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Let us now take a look at the basic aspects and structure of the Big Chase slot game, it is a 5 reel slot from Bally and you are going to be able to play a total of 99 pay lines however, in addition to the base game betting options you can also place an extra 27 credit bonus as the side wager which will activate several special elements of the slot.

In total one each spin of the reels of this Big Chase slot game you play you could play a total of 3,000 coins per spin by utilizing the max bet button, so do keep that in mind for you will not want to accidently hit the max bet button when you wanted to play for more modest stakes than the maximum 3000 coins per spin you can send into live play.

Free Spins Bonus Round

When playing this Big Chase slot machine you can be awarded with a total of 9 free spins, and whist that may not seem like a massive amount of free spins thanks to the additional base and bonus game features then you are always going to have a good chance of accumulating some large amounts of cash during the free spins bonus games.

This slot also boasts a set of Tumbling Reel symbols and these will tumble into position instead of the usual spin and stop type of playing structure most slot machines offer. When winning combinations are formed they get credited to your credit meter then the winning matching symbols are removed from the screen and additional replacement symbols then tumble onto the screen to fill up the games.

As the new reel symbol replacements have tumbled onto the screen you could form new winning combinations with those extra reel symbols and if so then they too get credited to your credit meter and those winning combinations reel symbols also disappear to be replaced with new ones. This will keep on happening until no new winning combinations are formed on the screen.

Reel Symbols and Payouts

The reel symbols found on all five reels are a mix of their standard Playing Card type reel symbols along with some unique and exclusive symbols only found on this slot machine, you will find a special cast of Character reel symbols and it is those that have the highest payouts attached to them, and as such they are the ones you will want to see spinning in and forming winning combinations.


We would suggest to anyone thinking of playing the Big Chase slot machine when they come across it on a casino floor to make sure that they do put into play that small and modest 27 coins side bet wager for by doing so the entire range of bonus features this slot has to offer will be able to be triggered, should you not put into play that side bet then you really will be missing out on its unique playing features and structure.

As mentioned above this slot comes with a very large number of paylines and thanks to the various stake level option you should comfortably be able to play it for stake levels you wish to play it for without being forced to play for too high a stake level, so always make sure you adjust the coin settings and stake options to those you are happy with.

All in all we do rate this slot game highly and are convinced that as soon as you get stuck into playing it you will love everything it has to offer, including those unique Tumbling Reels.

April 6, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.