Bitcoin Live Dealer Casino Games

bitcoin-logoHave a look at our mBit Casino Review if you are hunting around for one of the best online casinos where you can not only play completely anonymously but also use Bitcoin as your preferred deposit and withdrawal option, as they have a truly impressive range of casino games on offer.

Not only will you find a range of software driven games which use random number generators as the way to ensure complete fair play, but you will additionally find a full suite of Live Dealer games, and below we have a listing of their current crop of these types of games.

So if you long to play real life casino games that use real decks or playing cards and real Roulette wheels as opposed to those software driven games, then have a read through this collection of Live Dealer games all of which offer the ultimate and most realistic gaming experience you can have online.

Playing Live Dealer Bitcoin Baccarat

Being able to see the Dealer not only dealing out the cards but also shuffling them in a real live environment is probably the ultimate way you can play Baccarat online, and should this be something you are willing to do then or featured Bitcoin accepting casino site is the place where you are going to find a brilliant Bitcoin Baccarat Live Dealer game on offer.

This is a slightly different baccarat game variant in as much as you can of course place the three standard Baccarat bets, those being the Tie hand wager and both the Banker’s and Player’s hand bets, however this variant also offers a range of side bet options, and below we have listed what these bets are and their associated payouts.

Be aware however, that the bonus side bets options are based on the first two initial cards dealt out to either the Player’s or Banker’s hand respectively.

Banker’s Hand Bet – You are going to have to pay a 5% house commission whenever you have placed a wager on the Banker’s hand and that hand wins the game, the 5% commission is removed from the even money payout awarded to you when you have placed a bet on that hand and it wins.

Player’s Hand – You will not be charged any type of commission or fee when you bet on the Player’s hand to win and that hand then goes on to win, and as such you get an even money payout on this wager.

Tied Hand – The payout odds on a winning Tied hand bet are high on this Live Dealer Baccarat game and this hand pays, when successful an 8 to 1 winning payout.

Let us now give you a full round up and overview of all of the additional side betting opportunities that currently exist and can be placed whenever you play Live Dealer Baccarat, remember these payouts are based on only the two initial cards dealt out to either the Banker’s or Player’s hand.

Big and Small Bet – You can opt to place either Big bet which pays out at odds of 0.54 to 1 or a Small bet wager and this returns a much better payout of  1.5 to 1 when you are playing Bitcoin Live Dealer Baccarat at our listed and featured Bitcoin Casino site.

Player Pair – This bet is very similar to the bet named and described below, but when you place the Player Pair you will be hoping the first two cards that the Dealer deals out to the Players and are a pair, and if they are and you placed this wager then a payout 11 to 1 will be coming your way.

Banker Pair – Should you think that the first two initial cards that the Dealer is going to deal out to the Banker’s hand are going to be a pair then place the Banker Pair wager and if those two cards that are dealt out to that hand are a pair your bonus side bet on that wagering option will be paid out at odds of 11 to 1.

Perfect Pair – The highest paying bet you will find on offer on the Bitcoin Live Baccarat game is a whopping 25 to 1 payout and this is paid when a Perfect Pair has been dealt out, for reference a Perfect Pair is any two cards that are of the same suit and of the same matching card type.

Either Pair – You will be rewarded with a  5 to 1 payout if you have placed the Either Pair bet and the Banker’s or the Player’s two initial cards contain any type of pair whether a matching or mixed pair.

Bitcoin Live Roulette

You can access and play at any time of the day or night a single zero European Roulette game variant at our showcased and approved Live Dealer Bitcoin Casino site and this game offers the most enjoyable gaming experience an online Roulette player could ever have hoped for.

You will be able to interact with the Croupiers and all of the other many Roulette players sat around the table if you wish as you can access the chat room with a click of your mouse.

The Bitcoin Live Roulette game offers players a wide spread of stake levels and as such you really will enjoy playing the game no matter what type of player you are for all low and high rollers are perfectly catered for.

New Bitcoin Live Lottery Game

You are going to be able to access and play a live casino game which is not commonly available online when playing at our showcased Bitcoin Casino site and this is a Live Lottery game which may or may not appeal to you.

Much like all other lottery games this one has a set of 49 lottery balls which will be loaded into the lottery machine and then a set of them get drawn out once the balls have been bounced around in the lottery drum.

You are able to place a very wide range of different wagers on the outcome of the lottery draw and each respective betting option returns a different set of payouts based on the likelihood of the predicated balls being drawn out.

The lottery balls are all either Orange or Gold in colour and as such this enables players to place a range of colour ball betting options on the outcome of the draw, and these wagering opportunities include you being able to place a wager on whether all of the balls drawn out of the lottery machine will share the same colour, or the first or last balls drawn out will be one particular colour.

You are also given the option on placing a wager on what the total value of the six balls drawn out of the machine will all add up to and based on the total value of the balls various odds will be offered.

You can also place a wager on certain individual balls in the hope that one or more of the balls you select get drawn out of the lottery machine, the more balls you correctly predict the bigger and better the payout odds will be.

Online Live Bitcoin Blackjack

As it is possibly a Live Dealer Blackjack game that you may be looking to play online then below are this particular games playing rules attached to the variant offered at our top rated Bitcoin Casino site. Be aware this is both a low stake and high stake game and as you are going to have the ability to adjust the stakes at which you are playing this game for you should have no problems playing well within your gaming budget and bankroll.

8 Full Decks – To keep the action flowing and not slow it down with too many shuffles the Live Bitcoin Blackjack games uses eight full decks of playing cards which do get shuffled in front of you.

Dealer Rules – If the Dealer deals his or her hand a set of cards totaling up to 16 in value then they will draw additional cards to their hand, however when any cards total 17 or above in value the Dealer will then stand that hand.

Player Rules – All of the standard and expected Player rules are found attached to the Live Dealer blackjack game and as such a player will be able to split pairs, double down when permitted and if they desire they can take the Insurance bet when the Dealer offers it to them.

Payouts – You will not be making any compromises when playing Live Bitcoin Blackjack online and as such the payouts are the highest in the industry which means a winning Blackjack hand is paid out at odds of 3 to 2, all other winning player hands including a split Ace and any ten card get paid out at even money, and when taken and if the Insurance bet is successful this wagering option will return a winning payout at odds of 2 to 1.

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